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Need Help: Pentax K5 with TC Handcontroller / Bracketed shoots

PostPosted: Wed May 25, 2011 12:03 pm
by geko5766
Hello all,

I contacted Joesef already concerning this problem, but maybe someone can assist me and has a similar problem.

I am trying to do a bracketed Pano, 3 shots. I want to trigger it either with the HandCOntroller or via the MerlinHead. Although the camera is stricly set for single-shot-bracketing, there are always more shots triggered.

Although the delay is set on a minimum of 1 sec, I cannot avoid it.

I fear, that the camera has a misinterpretation of the impulse, given by the HC. I could though reproduce the problem wit a munual cable-trigger. It behaves the same manne, i.e. when the trigger is pulled, all shoots are taken subsequently, without pause, although the camera is set on single-mode.

I added a small-jpg, to illustrate what I mean.

Well, the big question for me is now: Is the HC working fine? Or is the camera just wrong, as it simply shoots on, although not yet triggered anew?
HAs anybody any good idea?

This means for me. I cannot create a PW-Import file for bracketed fotos, I will always have to do the tonemapping first.
(@ Klaus: Yes I know, you prefer the workflow of first doing the tonemapping and then the stitching; but sometimes it works good for me also by letting APG do that job ;-) ; PS: I love the results from Photomatix and HDR Merge. which both offer a batch handling.)

Any assistance is welcome.

Best from Trier

PS: Ican try whatever I want, I don´t get the file uploaded. Don´t know waht´s wrong.....:(

PostPosted: Wed May 25, 2011 12:35 pm
by gkaefer
referring to this post:
I see that the K-x also has a mirror up function ...
the HC does have this too and if enabled on cam it must be enabled too on HC...
in above link its mentioned custom setting function 7 (enabling one touch bracketing)....
so if you disable this... the multiple signals coming from TC should do work ...?
and if using this multiple release signal from TC you also get them logged into the TC xml logfile...

I've a similar setup, using additional the promotesystems promote control, which is doing the bracketing calculation and sending the shutter, release etc. data to camera (nikon/canons) so I needed to set TC to shoot once (triggering the promote which triggers itself the bracketing on cam...) in result I had a logfile containing only the one trigger from TC... Josef made for me a cusom firmaware which can do following:
using shutter plug of TC<->Cam: original behaviour.
using internal shutter via Merlin connection and shutter plug on merlin <-> accessory port on promote and from shutter plug from promote <-> cam:
I can set the bracket number on TC to x, trigger only is done once, but x is logged, so the xml import on APG can use the bracketed images...