Autopano Pro v1.3 RC 2  

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Autopano Pro v1.3 RC 2

by AlexandreJ » Wed Oct 25, 2006 5:19 pm

Nothing more to say : RC2, I hope no more big bugs will be found. So that RC3 will never exist and the next one is the final.

We are currently writting the documentation. Preparing videos. It will take some time.

If some translators are interested into helping us, it would be a great help for us. There's two jobs on this list :
- Documentation : written first in french by us, need translation in english ( on a wiki )
- Software : it's english based, to any new language
* french : done by us.
* italian needs an update.
* german should be done in two weeks.
* czech ? someone ?
* "others" if you are interested, just contact me.

I will do also videos like the control point editor explaination. I'll do it in french, I have a too awful accent. If some people can help us to create the english audio ...

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by [bo] » Wed Oct 25, 2006 5:28 pm

A great list of improvements! Some applications would bump a whole major version for this :)

I'm always available for some English writing, but I cannot translate it from French. In that case I guess I can only edit out if someone translates. Or, you can provide some kind of translation, whatever the quality and I can do some rewriting.

Oh, and just to let people know, congrats are welcome in this thread, but *please* post impressions and problems in the Development forum!
Some of my panoramas, posted in the Autopano Pro flickr group.

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