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Forum upgrades

by AlexandreJ » Wed Sep 06, 2006 12:00 pm

Okay, we are trying to improve this forum features.
Now, I'm able to do much more thing, like moving thread to the correct category. If you could found some thread, they were just moved (like french thread in english part and reverse).
Now you can upload your own picture. Feature is still broken but we're on it. So for posting, no needs anymore to host files on a dedicated place, we provide the space.


Des améliorations en cours sur le forum.
Je peux enfin bouger les sujets de discussion qui ne sont pas mis dans la bonne catégorie (genre du francais dans la partie anglaise et inversement).
Vous pouvez poster des images directement sans avoir besoin d'un serveur externe, nous herbergerons les images directement sur notre serveur.

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