Autopano Pro / Giga 3.5 Beta 1  

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Autopano Pro / Giga 3.5 Beta 1

by AlexandreJ » Mon Feb 03, 2014 1:51 pm

I'm so impatient to show you that first beta.
It has been a huge work here at Kolor to get that version out, with a simple goal: quality first.
I think we are there ( except for bugs, of course, we are still in beta stage ).

So, I won't talk too much about the release, but I really advise you to read the changelog before download it.
It is huge with a lot of new concept and feature under hood.

Where => here :

Warning: APG 3.5 should not be used with livepano. Only APG 3.0 is compatible with livepano for the moment.

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