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Panotour / Panotour Pro 2.0 Beta 5

by bdd » Thu Nov 28, 2013 5:09 pm

New small features
- Reset UI :
You can now restore the default positions and sizes of all parts of the interface through a new option in the "General" tab of the "Preferences" window.

- "Play a sound" action :
This basic action was missing. It is now available on a spot click, and on a "Button" click.

- Spanish translation :
Panotour translation process is started. This new beta version is partially translated into Spanish. Only the plugin library is not available in Spanish.

Fixes since 2.0 beta 4

- 0001883: [UI] Panorama > Properties > Preview : quality changes Yaw Pitch and Fov
- 0001976: [UI] context menu over "Description" field does not display the real available actions
- 0002055: [UI] Polygon spots cannot be drawn when the hotspot editor is fullscreened
- 0002156: [UI] Add a reset UI option in view menu
- 0002245: [UI] PTP freeze while changing panorama name
- 0002346: [UI] Floor plan : floorplan icon not displayed when opening a project, floorplan image ratio not kept into hotspot editor
- 0002412: [UI] Maps : hotspots cannot be deleted
- 0002577: [UI] MacOS : Fullscreen on Editor (2 bugs)
- 0002593: [UI] Crashes if you click a hotspot during load of a project
- 0002691: [UI] Add a check for http:// on all possible url fields
- 0002721: [UI] MacOS : need to generate directories and files with a good chmod
- 0002764: [UI] Save changes on project is badly called
- 0002766: [UI] project named like not saved on startup
- 0002777: [UI] Tour workspace : edit before full load of project can create wrong links
- 0002794: [UI] When a group has a specific thumbnail image, all groups display this image instead of nothing
- 0002796: [UI] Presets loose hotspots action properties
- 0002808: [UI] Target View of hotspots are always "Custom view"
- 0002843: [UI] Crop Tool can be visible on FloorPlan editor
- 0002874: [UI] UI for Map : add crosshair only on the main map layer
- 0002438: [Algorithm] Reduce distortions algorithm may compute too small cutting sizes
- 0002795: [Algorithm] Do not re-create tiles when a panorama is renamed
- 0002863: [Algorithm] Presets do not save correctly the spot style actions when the actions are plugins actions
- 0002811: [Tour] XML report a startup error on removearrayitem method
- 0002829: [Tour] Some File names doesn't allow the start by number
- 0002849: [Tour] Space problem into html5 visits for some kind of spots
- 0002456: [Export Flash] Picture hotspots of planar panoramas are badly placed on on re-generated tour
- 0002865: [Export Flash] When a new thumbnail is choosen for a panorama, is it not generated in the tour
- 0001996: [Plugin] Font (size) problem under MAC OS
- 0002106: [Plugin] PanotourMaps : add default lat/lon/zoom values for the map default display.
- 0002109: [Plugin] KolorMenu : modify resize handler for Safari 7 compatibility
- 0002111: [Plugin] General map interface + scene/group map interface : use i18N to change texts
- 0002308: [Plugin] ComboBoxList : add default offsets value for iOS compatibility on top touch
- 0002492: [Plugin] List of Panoramas plugin : selectable background size, apply selected color on items, correct groups background size
- 0002537: [Plugin] iOS7 display tests
- 0002653: [Plugin] Thumbnails Bar : issue with iOS 7 orientation
- 0002761: [Plugin] PanoramaMenu : add possibility to place text on the left of the thumbnail
- 0002768: [Plugin] Thumbnails Stack : no border on flash tours
- 0002792: [Plugin] Loader text : add first display on xml complete event
- 0002800: [Plugin] Box Viewers : correct top margin on fullscreen, add orientation change, correct iframe size on orientation change
- 0002828: [Plugin] PanoramaMenu : scroll sometimes doesn't appears on the first load
- 0002852: [Plugin] PanotourMaps / FloorPlan over the visit : add an hourglass during content upload
- 0002870: [Plugin] PanoramaMenu : bug with submenus offsets value when PanotourMaps is loaded
- 0002872: [Plugin] Problem with empty text which can display an empty CDATA string
- 0002880: [Plugin] FloorPlan : correct radar borders and close button position
- 0002826: [Plugin] KolorBox : correct bad available size with too big offsets

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