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Panotour / Panotour Pro 2.0 Beta 3

by bdd » Thu Nov 07, 2013 6:11 pm


We released today the third beta version of Panotour and Panotour Pro.

The following are the change logs of this bug fix release.


Change logs

New features

Small enhancements in the main area of the Tour tab.
Three new tool icons are placed on the top-right corner of the area, allowing you to zoom in or out without using the keyboard shortcuts.
    To zoom in:
      click on the "+" icon
      or press "Ctrl +" keys on the keyboard
      or press Alt and use the mouse wheel
    To zoom out:
      click on the "-" icon
      or press "Ctrl -" keys on the keyboard
      or press Alt and use the mouse wheel
    To reset the panorama size to the default size:
      click on the middle icon
      or press "Ctrl 1" keys on the keyboard
    To see all the panoramas:
      press Shift and click on the middle icon
      or press "Ctrl 0" keys on the keyboard

Fixes since 2.0 beta 1

- 0002724: [Installer] Panotour Standard : bugs install : unable to load resources
- 0002519: [Algorithm] Multiple Actions on buttons are not always correctly loaded
- 0002633: [Algorithm] Deleting a used spot style does not change the style of the spot using the deleted spot style
- 0002693: [Algorithm] Panotour Pro FTP does not upload all the generated files
- 0001876: [UI] Misplaced spots on panorama thumbnail when the spot was created on closed group
- 0002010: [UI] Enhance sequence spot preview
- 0002124: [UI] Properties and spot editor disapear on change tab
- 0002270: [UI] Latest spot style con't be removed but close cross is displayed.
- 0002286: [UI] Spot Styles names are badly displayed in the "Style" chooser widget
- 0002319: [UI] Small enhancement on "Plugins Library" and "Workspace" column headers
- 0002331: [UI] Style view, problem to select a plugin already inserted
- 0002419: [UI] Add zoom +/- and % values into the Tour workspace
- 0002467: [UI] Bad display of the style spot icons
- 0002543: [UI] Crash when removing panorama which is target of hotspots
- 0002603: [UI] The soft crash when deleting a group
- 0002610: [UI] Build progress bar blank and tour not building
- 0002639: [UI] Add a way to visualize scenes ID name for deep linking with startscene
- 0002674: [UI] No preview and transition visible for partial panoramas
- 0002677: [UI] Remove special chars from file names
- 0002696: [UI] Hotspots links arrow on the Tour workspace have wrong source on minified groups
- 0002697: [UI] Build proccess seems odd a few times
- 0002711: [UI] Panorama input fields height is never saved in kpt if changed and others bugs with non 360x180 panoramas
- 0002717: [UI] Sounds file are never played if accents are presents into file name or url
- 0002720: [UI] Need a button to delete user preset
- 0002723: [UI] Kpt doesn't keep the nadir crop
- 0002725: [UI] Hotspot with display video action doesn't work on Android and iOS devices
- 0002727: [UI] Close project crash panotour pro
- 0002750: [UI] Delay on autotour / autorotation bug
- 0002044: [Plugin] Fullscreen HTML5 API : IE11 and Safari 7.0 support (krpano fallback for Safari < 7; without HTML5 plugins)
- 0002669: [Plugin] Tooltip HTML5 always visible on hotspots
- 0002688: [Plugin] FloorPlan : remove pointer events on resizable floorplan image
- 0002694: [Plugin] Social share : start opened problem with html5 player
- 0002704: [Plugin] Ktools i18N getMessage can return CDATA tags if string is empty
- 0002715: [Plugin] Change onnewpano to onxmlcomplete event into loader information plugin
- 0002714: [Plugin] Helpscreen looks odd when used with a specified image
- 0002731: [Plugin] Gallery and boxes : improve compatibility with IE8
- 0002735: [Plugin] Docked bar : Previous/Next buttons overide the Hide controls button
- 0002747: [Plugin] PanotourMaps : remove some rounded value on lat/lon coordinates
- 0002748: [Plugin] Add device support options for fullscreen actions
- 0002738: [Plugin] KolorBox : remove possible white flash when iframe loads

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