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Autopano Video 1.1 Beta 1

by AlexandreJ » Tue Sep 10, 2013 4:18 pm

Today, it is release day with a new beta of our video stitcher software, Autopano Video / Autopano Video Pro.

Main changes

With this first beta 1 version, we are introducing several new cool features in Autopano Video.

Automatic motion synchronization

When using unsynchronized videos, it is quite hard to get them sync accurately. We found that audio really works well if the GoPros are well resetted, but a difference of one or two frames can still appear. With motion synchronization, instead of using audio, we use the recorded video to synchronize all the streams. See this blog post to understand how it works:

The results are frame accurate. Produced videos are really the best synchronized videos we found out yet. Even if playing with manual +1/-1 frame changes, it appears that the tool always gives the best quality.

Some tips when using motion synchronization:
* The rig has to move! at least once :) So if the rig is on a tripod, start recording, grab it, turn it and put it back. If the rig doesn't move at all, it cannot work. Note: a pure translation of the rig is not really good, so just grab the rig and turn it. This is enough for frame accurate synchronisation.
* The algorithm is using heavy math. It can take up to 1 minute to sync 6 videos. If you want to make it faster, just reduce the search range. In our testing, we generally use a search range of 50s.
* It is nice to adjust the current time to be on a zone where the motion is already visible. It is around this position that the search will occur.
* If you have huge gaps between the videos, you can pre-enter some quick values into the time delay edit box, to make a quick and approximate manual sync. The automatic motion sync will use the current frame shifts to make the calculation. The same trick works with audio too.
* The motion calculated is stored in text files near each video to prevent having to recalculate the motions if you decide to resync again.

New patching mode

When writing the patch tutorial, we found that the resulting logo could be merged a little bit into the video. There was no easy way to tell the software just to put the pixels without altering them.

The new patching mode is about that: you can now add a logo and it will not be altered anymore. The tutorial will be updated to reflect the new changes in the software:

New import wizard to easily transfer videos from GoPro

If you are shooting with GoPro rigs, you may experience the complicated task of transfering all videos out of the GoPro. We provide a USB hub in our store to simplify this work, but still, the data management is quite complicated and prone to human errors.

That's why we decided to add a wizard to do this work in a more visual and friendly manner. Plug all the GoPros through the hub and just launch the wizard. This feature will save you a lot of time and probably prevent some data loss too.

Tip: When choosing the destination folder in this wizard, as the wizard creates the folder recursively, you can transfer the videos very quickly.

Fixes and improvements

Since the first release version, we made some corrections in the interface and fixed some reported bugs. Among them:

Added a warning if you quit while something is not saved
GPU fixes for some isolated cases

What's next?

There are still some bugs opened for 1.1 final, among them the support of H.264 @ 4K and 48 fps which is still not supported. Nevertheless, this is quite solved now.

So next big step is 1.2 where we will have a timeline in the application. A lot of research & development have already been done to allow that, and the underlying engine is ready to provide you with new top features, like projection interpolation ( spherical to rectilinear to little planet to whatever is supported in Autopano in fact ).

We also have the automatic horizon system which is nearly ready too. It will keep the horizon that you set at a given point. It was planned for this version but didn't made it. So for the next one.

Where => here :

Oups => donwload link missing. Just go here :

Take care,


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