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Autopano 3.0.4

by renan » Thu Feb 28, 2013 4:28 pm

Main changes

Fixes in 3.0 stable channel

We are doing a lot of work to get solve most of the crashes reported. Nevertheless, most of them are related to graphics drivers, so please don't forget to be up to date on this part of the computer. Also, if you create big panoramas or using big images, you should definitively switch to 64bits of our products, it is free and solves some memory issues.

Some Windows users have crashes when using system file browser. These crashes can happen when you just try to open a folder to select some images. If you do have crashes in these part, you are having some issues with either network drives, shortcut on this folder, other software acceeding to the folder like antivirus, etc. To prevent these crashes, we added a new option in general settings to tell autopano not to use the native file browser, but using our own file browser that doesn't suffer from these issues. It should prevent any crash coming from strange cohabitation with external software accessing folder.

New raw support

Last RAW formats have been integrated like the Nikon D600, the Canon 6D, etc.

New supported cameras

Download here :
If you need full changelog, it is on the blog or here : ( just a reminder )

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