Autopano Engine v2.6.1 Release  

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Autopano Engine v2.6.1 Release

by AlexandreJ » Tue Jan 24, 2012 9:09 am


A small but nice fix release. It improves the blending and do some patch for papywizard as well as gigapan plugins.
We will now working hard on the next autopano engine 3.0 but still focusing on some small but nice new features on the 2.6 series.
A 2.6.2 is already planned for GPU patches, some other papywizard improvement and linux support improvements.

Fixes :

- 0001096: [Import plugins] VR Drive 2 XML support - resolved.
- 0001124: [Image I/O] Canon 600D exif not well decoded - resolved.
- 0001118: [Shell Integration] AutopanoShell crash - resolved.
- 0001122: [Neurone ( optimisation )] Gigapan plugin broken - resolved.
- 0001121: [Cortex ( rendu )] 360 Generation broken - resolved.
- 0001112: [Import plugins] Ligthroom plugin issue - resolved.
- 0001086: [Cortex ( rendu )] Check this fusion exposure - closed.
- 0001092: [Image I/O] exif for panotour - closed.
- 0001091: [UI behavior] crop zone display - closed.
- 0001062: [Import plugins] Lightroom plugin not installed - closed.

One note :

We still have one complicated crash that appears only on windows 7, 64bits. It occurs when using Browse folder in autopano. It is a conflict with avast antivir software most of the time.
See this post on how to find the real cause and solve the conflict :,browse-folder-crash-analysis


Download Autopano Pro & Autopano Giga 2.6.1.

Take Care


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