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Autopano Engine v2.6 RC 2

by AlexandreJ » Fri Dec 02, 2011 1:34 pm


So, today, a quick intermediary release candidate 2 to be sure we have addressed the most important issues in autopano engine.
Everything works quite well here.

Main changes

NEW : multiband level slider in Exposure Fusion preview
It appears that the multiband level is really usefull for a HDR style rendering. With this slider exposed here, you have a live quick rendering of the influence of that parameter in final rendering.
Note : we added the multiband level in the %b/%B template name syntax too, so the rendered file name can contains the number of level used.

Side-effect : Really, this quick preview for exposure fusion can also be used to preview the rendering in general mode. Just crop to the zone you want to see, go to this menu, look at the result. It's ois really close to final rendering ( antighost can make different choice, but most of the time, this preview does reflect the decision taken when doing the final rendering )

IMPROVED : Mac integration
Different version is better managed now on mac
And a lot of fixes.

Fixes :

- 0001011: [Editor] Browse and auto-detection - resolved.
- 0000992: [Shell Integration] Installer: Add (Autopano Giga Only ) for Autopano Pro Mac installer - resolved.
- 0000189: [Cortex ( rendu )] Low percentage rendering doesn't have antiliasing - resolved.
- 0000994: [Shell Integration] Bundle id and settings name should be the same to avoid mac preference file duplication - resolved.
- 0000995: [Unclassified] Mac app name does not contains versions - resolved.
- 0000989: [Shell Integration] MAC : preferences are in double - resolved.
- 0001029: [Synapse ( detection )] Autodetection and stopping one group detection - resolved.
- 0001012: [Cortex ( rendu )] Multiband level template name - resolved.
- 0000537: [Shell Integration] Shell explorer doesn't display thumb from RC2 - resolved.
- 0001006: [Editor] Move mode update broken after image adds - resolved.
- 0001009: [Shell Integration] plugin Bridge : job folder and copy of source images - resolved.
- 0001021: [Cortex ( rendu )] Wrong offset in rendered pieces in some cases - resolved.
- 0001016: [Editor] GPU shader issue on linux - resolved.
- 0000613: [Performance] Crash under linux during pixel projection - resolved.
- 0001005: [Cortex ( rendu )] Blending weight on edge - resolved.
- 0000970: [UI behavior] GPU mode incompatible with nView - resolved.
- 0000983: [Editor] Reload image doesn't work in editor - resolved.

Download URL :

Take care


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