Creatung links to views in apano  

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Creatung links to views in apano

by mediavets » Mon Sep 06, 2010 3:55 pm

The Warsaw pano has a number interesting features in it's display UI - I particularly like the button in the navigation bar that enables the viewer to generate a link to the current view - see screenshots.

Here's that example:

This would be a really interesting tool/feature to have available (via APT); for example, to assist with the creation of 'tours-within-a-pano', and/or to create a series/panel of 'viewpoint thumbnails' such as is offered with this pano. I could also envisage a development of this to emulate the clever and engaging Snapshot feature in the Gigapan viewer.

Once you had created such a series of view points it would be (conceptually) only a small step, or so it seems to me, to provide a means of linking these viewpoints togther, with display timings and audio narrations and text captions and transition effects to create an auto-run tour within a single pano, or several panos.

Here's a simple example of the sort of thing I have in mind - this one was done by scripting the Gigapan viewer I think?:

I could also envisage a development of this to emulate the clever and engaing Snapshot feature in the Gigapan viewer.

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