Indirection file export for developpers  

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Indirection file export for developpers

by Adrien F » Tue Jan 26, 2010 4:11 pm

As said by scraff in a previous post, some changes can happen in the correspondence between xml names and the linked panorama (when saving a project, manipulating history, deleting pano, adding some new). This lead to problems for users doing dynamic visits (

Allowing the user to manually name the xml files raises some issues:
a - unicity of pano identification is no more guaranteed
b - krpano XML parsor isn't reliable enough for this kind of stuff : commas, blank spaces and other quotes character may break your visit.

A solution would be to export an additional XML file containing an indirection table:

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    <pano name="visit10" filePath="C:/Img/myPano1.jpeg" xmlFile="visit10.xml" ... />

This would allow a advanced post-treatment for website generation.

It also implies to add a check box in the user interface which is quite heavy yet.

Questions are the following:
Who would benefit from such a feature?
Wht would you like to see in the xml file?

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