Bad load of images Bug. Beta V1.1.0 beta 9.  

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Bad load of images Bug. Beta V1.1.0 beta 9.

by Marv » Mon Aug 09, 2010 4:17 am

I made a 4 Pano panorama test walk though, and saved the work space so I could come back to it. Change the source file names for the final, and reloaded the workspace file. The program asked me where the files went and I directed it to each file... ok great.. they were found and opened. Then I added 4 new Panos to the front of the existing 4 pano's and hotspot linked everything. File rendered ok, and upon opening the swf file I had 3 error messages as below for each of the last 3 of the origional files (only the first 5 panos loaded and played correctly):
[INFO: krpano (build 2010-05-31)
INFO: Flashplayer WIN 10,0,2,54 StandAlone
INFO: Autopano Tour Version
ERROR: download of "file:///E|/Work%20Files/Photo%20Files/CWU%208%2D10/Dig%20Mammoth/Files/Pano/mammothDig2adata/mammothDig2a1/preview.jpg" failed
ERROR: download of "file:///E|/Work%20Files/Photo%20Files/CWU%208%2D10/Dig%20Mammoth/Files/Pano/mammothDig2adata/mammothDig2a2/preview.jpg" failed
ERROR: download of "file:///E|/Work%20Files/Photo%20Files/CWU%208%2D10/Dig%20Mammoth/Files/Pano/mammothDig2adata/mammothDig2a3/preview.jpg" failed].

For some reason even though it saw the renamed files and loaded them into the workspace.. it only rendered the 1st one.

I started over from scratch and everything went ok.


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by renan » Tue Aug 10, 2010 8:33 am

We reproduce this. It will be corrected in next beta.

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