[APT V1.1 beta 9 WinXP32] Access error - IE 8  

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[APT V1.1 beta 9 WinXP32] Access error - IE 8

by RickDrew » Thu Jul 08, 2010 3:52 am

"Access is denied" error throws when leaving the tour. I've tried with one image and a two image tour. A three image tour does not do it. Really frustrating. The XML files look identical, except for the file names / links.

The main difference - the tour / images that keep throwing the error are 360x100, vs 360x180. I'm going to try recreating the project from scratch.


Click on U/W interactive images, then Haigh Quarry. Then try and select - Haigh Quarry again - You'll get the error. I've tested it in FireFox, Chrome and IE. It only happens in IE, and only on that one tour.

Also, full screen works in one and not the other. Strange.
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