360degree-objectmovies linked to a pano don`t rotate  

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360degree-objectmovies linked to a pano don`t rotate

by bilal » Fri Jun 18, 2010 4:27 pm

I linked 360degree-objectmovies (swf) to a pano with the "object"-option in the hotspot menu.
When playing the pano, the objectmovies sometimes rotate and sometimes instead of rotating they appear only as a still picture.
With another try sometimes another objectmovie would rotate and one that didn`t rotate before will rotate.

Best regards


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by gkaefer » Sat Jun 19, 2010 12:40 am

actually I do not full understand your posting.

which kind of hotspot did you create? Add Point?
how did you link the panos:
Hotspot Properties-> Link Panorama: did you choose the pano here (jpg/tiff)
or did you try to link to next pano like this:
Hotspot Properties -> Link... Or Object: path-to-your-next-pano.swf
or third possible way to go, did you:
Hotspot Properties-> Display -> Object: path-to-your-next-pano.swf

or in case of not linking to other panos...
if the included obejt is a swf....: what is the fps of this swf...
... if I remmeber correct, than this value is overruled by the default value used by krpano
perhaps this can cause the non-rotating...

Liebe Gruesse,
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by bilal » Mon Jun 21, 2010 8:28 am

Hello Georg,

For the 360degrees-object-movies I used the add-point - hotspot.
I linked it with "Link - Object" and chose the object-movie-swf.
It is placed in the same folder as everything concerning this pano-project and it was created with the application ObjectToVR (I`d rather use KrObject but I have no skills in xml and the default result of KrObject is horrible).
The frame rate defined by ObjectToVR is 30.
The panos are linked by "Link - Panorama (here I chose the pano-tiff)".

Schà¶ne Grüsse

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