[V1.1.0 beta7]Image movement is "unsmooth" while loading  

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[V1.1.0 beta7]Image movement is "unsmooth" while loading

by gerpho » Thu Apr 22, 2010 3:54 pm


I feel that there is a problem in the smoothness of the transitions from one pano to the next. I use the ZoomIn-SpotViewToPanoView.xml transition. In this case, the "zoom" takes place while the pano is loading, so that the result is "jumpy" (saccadé):( . I have tried including 5 more "wait" instructions between lookat and lookto instructions, which more or less solves the problem. However, I feel it might be nicer to avoid moving before the pano il fully loaded, to avoid this ugly effect. And it would be efficient whatever the speed of the computer it's running on...

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