Beginner was surprised by pano perspective (interesting example)  

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Beginner was surprised by pano perspective (interesting example)

by GURL » Fri Jul 02, 2010 9:44 am

déformations d'objets dans le pano d'une chambre by jean-hugues

A large number of new users are surprised by the unusual and very visible deformations in their first wide angle panos. In non-panoramic photography the name for that is distortion. Distortion is a lens aberration often found in cheap zooms that one can correct using DxO, Photoshop, etc.

On the contrary for wide-angle panos using lens distortion correction or selecting any of the available projections often don't really help so that new users believe they did something wrong somewhere even when shooting and stitching are OK...

I posted the answers but the questions are the most interesting points in this thread, not the answers...

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