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Transform tools selection method

by Judy-A » Wed Dec 09, 2009 8:45 pm

I'm a new user of AutoPano Pro.

It would help immensely if, in the Move Images Mode panel and in the Moving Source Images Wiki page, it would mention that to select and transform an image, you have to first mouse-down on an image's center knob.

I'm a graphic designer by trade so I've used a lot of software that lets me select objects by fill, edge, corner or transform handles. In APP, I would click on images or highlighted edges and try to drag. Nothing happened.

After much frustration, I finally stumbled upon the fact that I had to mouse-down on the number knob in the center of the image and then drag with mouse held down.

Please make this easier to learn for new users.

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by GURL » Thu Dec 10, 2009 5:37 pm

I made an attempt to suggest a new text for the Move Images Mode panel...
USER wrote:Move Panorama or Image(s)

Enable / disable move panorama or rotate panorama mode (GPU only)

This mode is to be used to manually adjust the orientation of the panorama.
Select one of the two Pano icons and use the mouse.

Enable / disable move or rotate or zoom image(s)

This mode is to be used to manually adjust the location (yaw, pitch), orientation (roll) or FOV (focal length) of individual images or group of images.
To select a single image click on its number (red when selected), to select several ones press and maintain the Ctrl key.
You can either make changes with the mouse or by directly entering numerical values. To use the mouse you must select the proper mode by clicking on one of the three Image icons first. To use numerical values you must enter them either into the Yaw, Pitch, Roll or Fov boxes or enter them into the corresponding boxes of the Layers window (Note: the corresponding columns in the Layers window are visible only when the Move mode is active.)

... but would prefer this tool being converted as two different ones.


- The two "Move the panorama" actions are duplicating the Yaw, Pitch, Roll tool (and, BTW, the 180, +90 and -90 rotation tools.)
- The present interface makes difficult to understand how it works and very very very difficult to explain it. For example:
* you can't use numerical values to adjust the panorama
* when "moving" the panorama you don't actually move it (you can change yaw but can't change pitch alone or roll alone because the horizon is adjusted instead (true for 360° panos).)
- The Move image tool is to be used before or during optimization while the "Move panorama" tool is to be used to frame 360° degrees panoramas or as a substitute for the Center point tool for rectilinear panos.
- A mode having 2 "sub-modes" having their own sub-sub-modes :mad: pouah !
In a few words: GPU enable continuous changes being displayed in the preview window, this could be used to enable mouse actions in the existing tools where this was not possible before GPU.

;) Tool duplication à  la Photoshop is to be avoided, is not it ?
Update: I was wrong, with linear projection one can rotate the panorama and decide of the rotation center (where you click is where it is.)
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