Archive of all documentation suggestions for Autopano (last post in 2012).
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by SimDC » Mon Mar 26, 2012 12:05 am

Clicking on Finish will crate new files that are copies of the source files (renamed) into a new group them in the folder containing the source images.

"into a new group them" ??

Split preview
Cocher la case pour afficher ou cacher le résultat. L'aperçu dans la fenêtre permet de visualiser l'effet des corrections par différence.

en vf ?

Note: it is possible that this process does not work according to the make and model of camera. ->
Note: according to the make and model of camera it is possible that this process does not work.

Les images de menus devraient etres celles de la version anglaise pour etre comprises.

... Then open the panorama editor. You can see the corrisponding result (layer editor) : -> corresponding ?


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