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Preset Collection

by AmdAntonio » Thu Jan 01, 2009 3:06 pm

I think that might be interesting to make a collection of preset with description.

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by mediavets » Thu Jan 01, 2009 3:53 pm

AmdAntonio wrote:I think that might be interesting to make a collection of preset with description.

Yes, agreed, it has been discussed before - and Frederic (fma38) plans at some future time to create some sort of on-line database to which users could contribute presets and from which users can also downlaod and use others' custom presets.

But in the mean time why not post your custom presets here on the forum? Custom presets for sphericals are not going to be huge files and can be displayed using the CODE tags.

Here's a custom preset I created to shoot a spherical using a 20mm rectilinear lens on a 1.6x cropped sensor Canon DSLR body. It contains comments to describe the shooting pattern.

I made this for Klaus - to his specification - I don't have a Canon DSLR so I cannot say how well (or not) it works. IIRC Klaus repoorted that it worked but that he had since modified it.

If anyone wants to try it I suggest you run a simulated shoot, shooting Step-by-step to make sure your lens or camera body do not strike the Merlin during the shoot.

Code: Select all
<preset name="20mm on 1.6x crop V2.0">
6 around at +80
10 around +40
12 around 0
10 around -40
6 around at -80

<!-- Start of shoot -->
<!-- First row 6-around Yaw separation 60 degrees, Pitch +80 degrees -->
<pict yaw="0.0" pitch="80.0"/>
<pict yaw="60.0" pitch="80.0"/>
<pict yaw="120.0" pitch="80.0"/>
<pict yaw="180.0" pitch="80.0"/>
<pict yaw="240.0" pitch="80.0"/>
<pict yaw="300.0" pitch="80.0"/>
<!-- End of first row -->
<!-- Second row 10-around Yaw separation 36 degrees, Pitch +40 degrees -->
<pict yaw="324.0" pitch="40.0"/>
<pict yaw="288.0" pitch="40.0"/>
<pict yaw="252.0" pitch="40.0"/>
<pict yaw="216.0" pitch="40.0"/>
<pict yaw="180.0" pitch="40.0"/>
<pict yaw="144.0" pitch="40.0"/>
<pict yaw="108.0" pitch="40.0"/>
<pict yaw="72.0" pitch="40.0"/>
<pict yaw="36.0" pitch="40.0"/>
<pict yaw="0.0" pitch="40.0"/>
<!-- End of second row -->
<!-- Third row 12-around Yaw separation 30 degrees, Pitch 0 degrees -->
<pict yaw="0.0" pitch="0.0"/>
<pict yaw="30.0" pitch="0.0"/>
<pict yaw="60.0" pitch="0.0"/>
<pict yaw="90.0" pitch="0.0"/>
<pict yaw="120.0" pitch="0.0"/>
<pict yaw="150.0" pitch="0.0"/>
<pict yaw="180.0" pitch="0.0"/>
<pict yaw="210.0" pitch="0.0"/>
<pict yaw="240.0" pitch="0.0"/>
<pict yaw="270.0" pitch="0.0"/>
<pict yaw="300.0" pitch="0.0"/>
<pict yaw="330.0" pitch="0.0"/>
<!-- End of third row -->
<!-- Fourth row 10-around Yaw separation 36 degrees, Pitch -40 degrees -->
<pict yaw="324.0" pitch="-40.0"/>
<pict yaw="288.0" pitch="-40.0"/>
<pict yaw="252.0" pitch="-40.0"/>
<pict yaw="216.0" pitch="-40.0"/>
<pict yaw="180.0" pitch="-40.0"/>
<pict yaw="144.0" pitch="-40.0"/>
<pict yaw="108.0" pitch="-40.0"/>
<pict yaw="72.0" pitch="-40.0"/>
<pict yaw="36.0" pitch="-40.0"/>
<pict yaw="0.0" pitch="-40.0"/>
<!-- End of fourth row -->
<!-- Fifth row 6-around Yaw separation 60 degrees, Pitch -80 degrees -->
<pict yaw="0.0" pitch="-80.0"/>
<pict yaw="60.0" pitch="-80.0"/>
<pict yaw="120.0" pitch="-80.0"/>
<pict yaw="180.0" pitch="-80.0"/>
<pict yaw="240.0" pitch="-80.0"/>
<pict yaw="300.0" pitch="-80.0"/>
<!-- End of fifth row -->
<!-- End of shoot -->
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Andrew Stephens
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by klausesser » Thu Jan 01, 2009 4:59 pm

Hi Andrew!

I´m in fact using the preset you created and which we can see here. It´s better than the one i modified :cool:

Thanks again for your help! I like the idea of building up a collection of presets - i guess we all can learn from each other´s experiences using various sets.

best, Klaus
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by claudevh » Fri Jan 02, 2009 12:30 am

Hi all,

There is another place for the "Presets"
Could-you use this place ?

:cool: Claude :cool:
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