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Merlin, Galaxy Tablet, qDSLRdashboard, all wireless.

PostPosted: Mon Jun 29, 2015 5:35 pm
by zhiker
To klausesser and mediavets:
First, I apoligize for taking so long to reply but windy weather and a new vehicle all eat at time and plans.
So here is a short video demo showing how I'm using the Merlin Head and PandroidWiz running on the Dell tablet
communicating via Bluetooth, with qDSLRdashboard running on a Galaxy Tablet via TP-Link 3040 wireless router.
the bigest issue is timing, sure be nice to be able to put a time value in the preset code in PandroidWiz, till
then it is experiment till i get it right. Here are the web links to video demo and a video of the results for the day.

Web Link Demo:

Web Link Beargrass Video:

Thanks..... zhiker......