Panogear Bluetooth Transmitter Kit  

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Panogear Bluetooth Transmitter Kit

by zhiker » Tue Jan 08, 2013 1:37 am

Since I'm new thought I would relate this little story:
Won a free Steak Dinner, Panogear Bluetooth Kit doesn't work
To make this a short story, a friend suggested I buy the Panogear Bluetooth Transmitter Kit
for my Skywatcher Merlin Non-Goto, so like a fool I spent the $150.00 and just for
grins and giggles I made a side bet stating the blue box wouldn't work and I was right,
I now have a $150 Blue Box Dust Collector, no loss don't plan on taking my Gold with me win I go anyway.
Just the Facts:
Win 8 - 64 bit system, 8MG RAM / Papywizard ver 2.1.21
Device Manager - Microsoft Blue Tooth Enumerator - Currently Working
Papywizard Drivers - Bluetooth Chooser - 00:12:6F:27:05:2E--PapyMerlin
When you Click on connect you get the following;
You can find the passcode on your PapyMerlin or in the information that came with it.
No Password came with kit, just does not exists, but is required.
So after several restarts and reinstalls, the friend yelled I can't beleive this costing
me a Steak Dinner. So unlees you have $150.00 in Gold you wish to donate to Kolar or
just looking for a free steak dinner, I suggest you save your GOLD...
FYI: No i did not make any attempt at contacting Kolar, becuase we all know what waste
of good time that is, and at my age time is precious, besides i'm smart enough to know thats the last
thing they want to dork with................ Steak Tasted Great... Not a Good Buy For Any Reason.

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by gkaefer » Tue Jan 08, 2013 2:30 am

as friendly as possible for me: -> Panogear -> Download the Panogear Manual
are somewhere hidden there...

and if you do not trust this source, than try this one:
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by zhiker » Tue Jan 08, 2013 12:55 pm

To gkaefer:
Thanks for the info, the Pass Code 1234 worked, had to goto Plugins rechoose
the bluetooth option under devices, select browse and do the bt search and exit
out of papywizard, then reopen papywizard, got the tap screen to add device,
got the pass code screen
You can find the passcode on your PapyMerlin or in the information that came with it.
entered the code 1234, bt was added as a true device, reopened papywizard and was
connected immediately running win 8 pro on a hp pavillion laptop.
The only issue now is this is going to cost me a steak dinner and a meal of crow.
FYI: If by chance you get chance to come to Pacific Northwest, I suggest you
might want to take a look at my website and download for free the maps that
are there and watch the movies on hikes i've made.
Web Site:
Any questions just feel free to ask, there are 1500 waterfalls in the PNW and i've
only been to 987 so far, no brag just fact, thanks again for the info....zhiker

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