HDR and autopano  

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HDR and autopano

by silberz » Sun Aug 24, 2008 10:33 pm


I have a two-photo panorama, exposed to -2, 0 and +2EV (hence 2x3=6 files). I tried to use autopano in conjunction with photomatix pro but the two solutions taken from Ferrell McCollough's book do not work:

(1) solution "merge > stitch"

-- I build two .hdr images from the three EV settings with photomatix
-- but I cannot open these two .hdr images with autopano pro : when I click "Add images" and I select the two .hdr files, nothing happens.

(2) solution "stitch > merge"

-- I open the six images with autopano pro, I click "HDR color correction", I group them per EV and I render them (bicubic smarter + multiband) in order to obtain 3 layers (-2, 0 et 2) in three different .hdr files (I select "HDR radiance")

-- in photomatix I click "generate HDR image", I open the three .hdr files, I set manually the 3 EVs (0, 2 and 4), then photomatix crashes (an error occured while generating the HDR image).

(of course I have both software up to date)

Someone knows how to use autopano pro and photomatix pro ? reading Ferrell McCollough's book, I guessed that it is routine work...

--Max Silberztein

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by tived » Sun Aug 24, 2008 10:48 pm

You should be able to process your images in PM and use its generated 16bit tiff file in Autopano, I have done so many times. Actually should be able to do it either way.

this may be a typo but your mail "I set manually the 3 EVs (0, 2 and 4), then photomatix crashes" that should read EV (-2, 0 and 2)!!!

best of luck.

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