Orientation of images in the .pano file  

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Orientation of images in the .pano file

by SixenseStage » Tue Jul 17, 2018 3:58 pm


I use a panoramic head Orion / Merlin piloted using PapyWizard. I was wondering why the orientation of my images is not the same in the .pano file

Here is the orientation indicated in the .pano file :
Code: Select all
<position yaw="0.911062" pitch="-0.244346" roll="0"/>
<position yaw="0.523599" pitch="-0.244346" roll="0"/>
<position yaw="0.13439" pitch="-0.244346" roll="0"/>
<position yaw="-0.254818" pitch="-0.244346" roll="0"/>

Here is the orientation indicated in the Papywizard file :

DSC05861.JPG 14.0 0.0 52.2
DSC05862.JPG 14.0 0.0 30.0
DSC05863.JPG 14.0 0.0 7.7
DSC05864.JPG 14.0 0.0 -14.6

Is there an offset to add or remove to my values?

And last question : what is the difference between the directions given at the beginning of the file (first block of code) with those given later in the file?

Here is an example of orientation to go further in the file :
Code: Select all
<camera model="0" yaw="0.896322" pitch="-0.079583" roll="-0.00348193"...>

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