How do I change the 'stacking order' of individual images?  

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How do I change the 'stacking order' of individual images?

by jiawen » Mon Jun 18, 2018 6:28 am

I'm trying to turn three images into a panorama using Autopano Pro. One covers an important area that the other images don't include, but that one image is also relatively low quality. So I want its data added into the final panorama, but I don't want its data to supersede any other images' data. In other words, I want that one, relatively low-quality image to be lower in the 'stacking order' than the images. Yet when I load the images into Autopano Pro, that one low-quality image always ends up 'on top' of the other images; that is to say, in areas where the low-quality image overlaps with other images, APP always seems to choose to use the low-quality data rather than higher-quality data. I've tried putting the lower-quality image in a different layer, but that doesn't seem to affect the final render. I've also looked through the program but not found anything that seems to affect how much weight a given image has in contributing to the final panorama. Is there a way to tell APP "use this image/layer, but don't use data from it where other images have data"? Sorry if the answer is really obvious -- I haven't been able to even describe what I'm looking for very well, much less find the solution.

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