More verbose AutoPano documentation?  

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More verbose AutoPano documentation?

by stadh » Mon Jan 08, 2018 10:05 am

Hi all,
whenever I read the AutoPano (Giga) documentation because i have a problem with stitching, I am faced with an unsatisfactory situation:
I read about a lot of options, but I don't know why I should use these options, sometimes even not how to use them and what they actually do. The documentation is sometimes quite sparing of words.

In the control point editor documentation I read

"Local / global: lets you pre-position the images locally"
Why should I sue this? What problem can be solved with that? How can I pre-position the images locally, when this is enabled?

There are many more such things that are totally unclear to me, even after repeated reading and 3 years of experience with AutoPano Giga.

Is there any resource available that does more into detail with all these options?
Maybe tutorials that describe real-life problems and how to solve them with all those options?
Or a flowchart that shows the way from since images to a good stitch with branches for all kinds of problems and how to solve them with the APG options?

Right now, I only see the option to post my problem here and hope that someone will respond with "use option XY and you will be fine". However, chances that my question is answered (in a reasonablke time or at all) are not that big.

If something like this does not exist yet, what about creating such a resource? Suggestions?

(Or am I the only one needing that?...)

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