Make a RECORD! large panorama - workflow tips  

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Make a RECORD! large panorama - workflow tips

by ArcticLight2 » Tue Apr 25, 2017 10:41 am


I am planning to do a record large panorama.
I currently have made the largest panorama in Norway of 52 Gigapixels, two years ago:

That pano is made of about 3.000 images. And should have been stitched again, to improve the visible vignetting.
But I have not had time for that.

I am planning now to do a 360 pano with 15-20.000 images. Possibly going for some new record ;)

The pano head I have is the RODEON piXpert. I plan on shooting in vertical order (colums first, then next row), to work with the light, and save the script from the RODEON, convert it to papywizard XML, and do the importing in APG based on the Papy XML, to get the placement of the tiles as accurate as possible.

Is there any special considerations to do and check and be aware of before starting this?
Particularly to get easiest possible post processing!

My main system is a dual Xeon 2687 3.1 Ghz pc with 128GB RAM, NVIDIA GTX 1070, and plenty of SSD RAID space.
I also have 2-3 more powerful computers if it can help the process somehow.

Can I do the whole project as one project or split up? The easiest of course will be to have all files in the same project.

Any tips will be greatly appreciated..


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