Perfecting skies in 360 degree aerial panoramas  

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Perfecting skies in 360 degree aerial panoramas

by greytail » Fri Feb 24, 2017 5:54 pm

Have been struggling to perfect my aerial panoramas and finding that is difficult to get an overhead sky without seams. I how found that taking 26 images with Litchi and a Phantom Pro 3 or 4, I get good results almost every time with APG. But, the sky is always a problem. So am looking for tutorials or advise on making my own skies, either before after the flight. Can this all be done in APG or must you always use Photoshop to overlay a new sky and blend in with Gaussian blur.

In a recent attempt, I recorded 26 images, then immediately after the flight, I pointed my drone up into the sky and twisted around taking 8 sky images. I included these in an APG stitch but APG detected the final 8 images and tried to make a separate pano which looked really bad! So what's the answer there? I hate seeing those seams in the sky!

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