Where to focus when shooting 360 panos?  

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Where to focus when shooting 360 panos?

by LBernos » Tue Jan 31, 2017 7:18 am


I know this has been asked a million times right now... but where to I exactly focus when shooting a 360 pano to get the whole sphere image focused (foreground and background)?

I am using a GigaPan robotic rig, and usually I shoot between 64-96 photos per pano. On the area of focusing, what I do is I set it to manual mode and focus it on the hyper focal length... but apparently I still get some out of focused shots.

Any advice?

Thank you!

LINO :cool:

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Re: Where to focus when shooting 360 panos?

by gkaefer » Tue Jan 31, 2017 4:04 pm

I can speed for android mobiles only:
DoF, DOF Calculator, DOF Expert, Visual DOF
these apps more or less do the same, you give the used Aperture / F-Stop, the focal length and the distance to the object you do focus to. than you will get values for
Near Focus, Depth of Field, Far Focus point, the HyperFocalDistance values.

Fullframe 35mm, F8, 24mm subject distance 2m:
near focus: 1.1meter (all before is unsharp)
depth of field: 10,22m
Far focus 11,32m
so all from 1.1m from lens up to 11,32m from lens away is sharp
in above example: shanging from f8 to f16 than the near focus is reduced to 0.76m

using f16,18mm focal and subject distance 1m than the near focus is 0.41m and far focus is inifinity...

only one of mannnny availbale online guides:
http://www.photopills.com/articles/ulti ... epth-field

Liebe Grüße

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Re: Where to focus when shooting 360 panos?

by jimbee » Sun Feb 05, 2017 3:52 am

If the distances to your scene vary widely-- from close to far-- you can take multiple images at the same spot and adjust for DOF accordingly. For example, shooting a panorama of a distant mountain range with a Canon Mark III and a 100mm lens the DOF would be around 95 ft to infinity. If portions of the pano appear in the foreground that you want in focus you can pause the Gigapan, take additional photos at that spot to bring the foreground into focus, then resume. Then just use the properly focused images to create the final panorama.

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