Need help for proper stiching  

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Need help for proper stiching

by sebs » Fri Dec 02, 2016 8:31 pm


I don't manage to make the proper stiching in this case.
It has 3 rows (verticaly) of pictures.

I want it to be "cut" at the red line (things in red are added manually to the screen snapshot): I took the picts from left to right, I left enough of overlay, but by default autopano is stiching at the red line (trying to do a 360° view I guess, but it's not what I want...).

I had a look to the tutorials, I managed to remove the links at the red line, but even after re-optimising, still the same.
I then tried to move pictures, still doesn't work. For example, I tried to move the bottom left pict, but when moving it to the right side, autopano automatically put the right part of the picture on the left part of the stiching, instead of stopping the assembly at the right part, and allowing me to "extend" manually the right side of the image...

So, how can I achieve what I want?

Thanks for your help ;-)

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