Stitching photos of the ground from 2 m above.  

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Stitching photos of the ground from 2 m above.

by Christof » Tue Aug 23, 2016 10:15 am

Hi there, iam quite new in Autopano, and iam trying to stitch photos i made with a smartphone+ selfie Stick from the ground.
All Photos(128) are made from 2,30 m above and parallel to the ground. Iam not sure, but i think its more than stitching a checkerboard than a real panorama, so i think i also dont have a vanishing point and i have big distortion. The scanned Rocks on the ground are to big at the edges and in the middle to small. Anybody an idea? On the picture you can see how the ground with stones looks in real.
P.S. its for my master thesis in geology =D
Thanks for your help Christof.
Left: This is the place i "scanned" and on the right how my autopano looks now.

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Re: Stitching photos of the ground from 2 m above.

by Panoram1x » Tue Aug 23, 2016 1:05 pm

Hi Christof,

All cases where the camera does not turn and instead what happens is a relative displacement between it and the photographed surface are equivalent and the solution can be the same.

The most useful solution I've found is that explained in these posts.



I wish you a great result in your thesis


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