Mask Edition - object appear and disappear problem  

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Mask Edition - object appear and disappear problem

by djud » Wed Jul 06, 2016 11:24 am


I have the problem with Mask Edition tool or I'm not using it properly.

I put markers on the object I want to keep (seagulls above the sea, for example). But after pressing Preview button, seagulls disappears. Actually they sometimes appear, but when I Render the picture, they are not there. Also they are on the preview image when it is zoomed in Autopano, but after pressing Preview in the full scale, they again disappear.

In the mean time, either I do change something on the completely other part of the image, or do nothing at all, results are the same: sometimes is good but sometimes the marked object (first green marker) won't show up. In the same time some other masked object (red or green) act just fine. There is no rule I can figure it out why this is happening.

Please, do you have any idea?

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Re: Mask Edition - object appear and disappear problem

by marzipano » Fri Jul 08, 2016 8:37 am

I wasn't sure from your description whether you had used the masking tool correctly

It is not a general "erase" or "keep" tool. It is only used where there is an overlap area between 2 or more images in the panorama. It basically helps APG decide which parts of which image should be used to populate the overlap area.

Editing sections that are only in 1 image (i.e not in an overlap area) has to be done outside of APG in Photoshop or similar

It would be useful if you could post some screenshots to help us work out what the cause of the problem is

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