Lost ability to force sky control points in Autopano Giga 4  

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Lost ability to force sky control points in Autopano Giga 4

by mountainyahoos » Mon Apr 13, 2015 10:02 pm

I had to revert to Autopano Giga version 3.6.3 from version 4.0.0. Even version 3.7.1 is broken.
In order to stitch a big open blue sky one has to use "Manual Control Points". It works in 3.6.3 but not in 4.0.0. I can select the points in all versions but when you select "Optimize the Panorama", 3.6.3 will allow the two images to stitch but version 4.0.0 will not.
Example of manual control points generated

Please fix or advise.

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Re: Lost ability to force sky control points in Autopano Gig

by Destiny » Tue Apr 14, 2015 12:33 am

Hi.. That is not right... I have two windows.. Perhaps resize smaller the window and the second will show..

Besids that, I would have thought that adding controll points to plain blue sky would be tricky....

Might I suggest that if this is your normal shooting pattern, to export the xml from a successfull stich and the use the papywizard import for huge minimal featured pano like with lots of sky...


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