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Writing to disk

by miska » Sat Apr 11, 2015 2:36 pm

Hi !

I have noticed that during stitching, APG (versions 3 and 4.0.0 now, updating to 4.0.0 hasn't change anything) spends most of it's time writing the final result to the disk. I build only relatively small panos (perhaps 5 images from a 36 Mpix camera), and the stitching part itself is really fast ! I almost cannot see the time it takes, it's so fast. But then the software stops like into a brick wall when it starts to write the final pano. It takes maybe 5-10 seconds for each pano, or even more. I write a 16 Bit tiff with Zip compression. FWIW, I use multiple cores (up to 12) for the stitching.

Until recently, I thought: well, it's a big file, and maybe my disk is slow.

But then, I wanted to test PtGui. And it's really much much much faster than APG, because the writing to the disk doesn't take forever (can't judge about the stitching part, it's really fast on both). I used the same pictures, same disk and the difference is huge ! So it's not my disk that is slow.

Any ideas ? Perhaps it's a "feature" to allow gigapanos to be written ? Or perhaps something in APG is not optimized, or perhaps I screw up somewhere, but I don't really know where I could have an influence on something like that.

Thoughts ?

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