Correct optimization settings for making Livepanos in 3.5.1?  

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Correct optimization settings for making Livepanos in 3.5.1?

by pgielen » Wed Apr 30, 2014 11:15 pm

APG 3.5.1 is not just an improvement. It brings us new problems as well. At least if you want make a Livepano, because 3.5.1 contains a totally different optimization engine than 3.0.8.

In APG 3.0.8, the focal and distortion calculation had to be set to Force different and Distortion model to 2nd order + optical axis center. These settings have changed completely in APG 3.5.1. I assume they can be found under Optimization scopes (manual), but they are not comparable at all to APG 3.0.8.

Of course I have tried using the automated settings, but the result is a video that does not fit into the panorama. PtP 2.1 even crashes when I try to compile a Livepano this way.


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Re: Correct optimization settings for making Livepanos in 3.

by AntoineM » Thu May 01, 2014 9:50 am


You can find an explanation of the new scope concept in this documentation page: ... zer_engine
One big advantage of the new engine is that you can now set "all same except the video frame" instead of "all different".
But you still can apply the "all different" setting by putting all the scopes on "Image".

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