[SOLVED] GPS lat long info missing after stitching  

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[SOLVED] GPS lat long info missing after stitching

by macneubie » Sun Apr 06, 2014 7:40 am

I bought and downloaded 3.0.8 APG, used LR5 exported the GPS-tagged RAW files to APG, however the output file does not appear to contain the GPS tag anymore. This problem persisted in 3.5.0.

My LR5 is set to export full EXIF data, on closer inspection APG creates a LR_Export_APG folder within the default folders (which my RAW files are stored according to date) that contains the JPGs. Clicking on any of the JPG within shows no GPS info at all, which implied the export process somehow removed this location info.

Anyone encounter the same problem? Thanks much.

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Re: GPS lat long info missing after stitching

by ThomasV » Mon Apr 07, 2014 8:33 am


This issue is known and we are working to fix it. Nevertheless, you might developped your raw files in LR first, and then, start APG with the jpg files once you get them in LR. Exifs data should be kept intact.


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