[SOLVED] beta 3 hanging on big images  

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[SOLVED] beta 3 hanging on big images

by gregdowning » Tue Mar 11, 2014 11:38 pm

Just went to add a control point to a pano w/ 800 images or so. Hangs and doesn't come back. No crash report, I just have to kill the project after waiting a few hours. This was happening w/ Beta 2 (on a 6000 image project) I had this happen a half dozen times. The full release has been able to handle the projects.

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Re: beta 3 hanging on big images

by ThomasV » Thu Mar 13, 2014 8:51 am


Thanks for reporting this issue. Application may hang sometimes when working with many images. Some improvements can be done on that. I am reproducing that on a 4000 images panorama, and we will fix it shortly.


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