Batch Pano File Generation  

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Batch Pano File Generation

by con » Fri Jan 04, 2013 2:31 pm

Happy New Year all firstly :)

So mulling a few things over the break... :rolleyes:

Ive created a template pano that I'd like to apply to a large amount of jpgs. It's a four photo pano and I've each 'face' in separate folders named sequentially:

Face1_0001, Face2_0001, Face3_0001, Face4_0001
Face1_0002, Face2_0002, Face3_0002, Face4_0002

So would it be possible using APG to generate a batch file (apb) of pano files that point to the files, so that I could render a v large quantity?

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by HansKeesom » Sun Jan 06, 2013 10:44 am

You can select that template in the general settings , see edit->settings->detection->layout
Then use the browse folder function to select the main folder. Tell the dialog to recurse in subfolders and set average numbers of photos to 4.

this should load everything into groups of for according to your template.

I assume the photos are having a date/time stamp which putting these photos in the same order as you displayed them.

Depending on how many photos there are, you can dropbox them to me so I can make you these groups. Also send template
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Regards, Hans Keesom
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