Still having problems with fusion of bracketed images  

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by Twilight » Thu Jan 10, 2013 2:43 pm

For digital printing since 2001 or so I used Bowhaus' InkJet Control RIP. Now that they've ditched Epson for Canon, they have a new RIP called True Black And White. I have a 24" wide Canon 6300 running that.

There isn't any use sending DPIs that high, Epson resamples anything higher down to 360dpi and Canon 300. You are just sending excess data.

But yes, 16bit tifs. And believe me, 4x5" film scans at that resolution were tough to handle in 2001... :D

I responded to your email. What I wanted to talk about was that in 1999/2000 I worked for the biggest VR studio in NYC. And we had full plans for VR stores with Selectable VR Objects (video/audio product descriptions added also) and an integrated payment back end. Pretty complex mapping of the store and some Maya thrown in too boot. Didn't survive the bust... and the computing horsepower was limited and just as importantly, household data speeds weren't fast enough.

Talk to ya later!

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