Is this possible?  

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Is this possible?

by Spiiral » Tue Mar 27, 2012 11:32 am


I would like to know if I can stitch a RAW (.NEF) panorama and then edit it in Capture NX2 (Nikon RAW Software) The reason why is because I tried editing each image in CNX2 but if I change the black/white point the result is different oin each image.

Basically, I'd like someone to tell me the best way that I can edit RAW images and then stitch them.


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by UK Pano » Tue Mar 27, 2012 3:29 pm

With a RAW format that is effectively the negative to enable you to adjust and export to a workable format. Make the changes to all images at the same time so they are consistent and then export them to another format is my process. Not clear why you are editing the RAW to then use the adjusted RAW in APG.

I make the changes in LR from my RAW files so they are all the same etc and then export as 16bit TIFF. High quailty loseless format that can be manipulated but no quality lost. When stitched in APG, export as TIFF again for the final panorama and thne bring into PS to sharpen and last tweaks before saving down as final JPEG.
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by hermer-blr » Wed Mar 28, 2012 12:22 pm

My worflow is based on :
1/ Convert raw into tif using CNX2
2/ Perform panorama assembly/optimization/etc... with APG
3/ Perform final optimization of the assembled image with CNX2

In 1/, what I generally do is:

- Take one of the images of the panorama that I consider as representative of the whole set of images;
- Set the white balance manually (in order to have something reproducible) : eg cloudy + temperature adjustment
- optimize the exposure, low lights and high lights
- correct lens distortion...
- and, in general, no other corrections at this stage

When happy with the resulting image, save these settings for batch processing (the image does not need to be saved)

Launch a batch processing on all the images of the panaroma with those saved settings. Save them as 16 bits tif files.

Note: With bracketed images, I do exactly the same, ie I apply to all the images (including the + 2, - 2 or whatever) the settings defined with the representative image (necessarily, a 0 image).

I hope this helps.
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