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[Beta 2.6 win 7 64 bit] stitching issues 2ith wide angle

PostPosted: Wed Jul 20, 2011 3:52 pm
by hankkarl
I have found some issues with WA lenses where two pictures don't automatically stitch. I think its because one feature is in the center of one image and the edge of the other. Could be due to the fact that WA lenses distort the edges to get lines straight. Its worse in the corners. will upload files tonight.

Also, found third order Alexandroids!

Overall though, the 2.6 version gives me a much better stitch. I usually use third order with the lens center offset enabled and regularly get RMS under 2.5 (before I was lucky to get under 4). Not that RMS means all that much but....

Speed is incredible.

This is a great improvement from 2.5!