Nadir and Stitching  

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by klausesser » Sat Feb 05, 2011 3:15 pm

Destiny wrote:Well.. I was getting all excited about my Bathroom VR when I noticed that when I edited the pano head and tripod away from the reflected image on the mirror.. I forgot to put the power plug back.. check out the refection....
emmm...... silly me!!!

D :)

Well done! :cool:
I suggest to limit the zoom to 1:1 resp. 100%.

best, Klaus
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by Destiny » Sat Feb 05, 2011 10:48 pm

Great minds think alike.. :) Thank you sooo much... I was thinking that just yesterday that it might look a bit more professional to lock that into 1:1.. I think the rez of the images is wonderful... my fisheye lens is fantastic and so if kolor software... How do you like my Nadir image..... Do this.... Movie your mouse to the bottom and then right and keep it there... Stare at the rotating Nadir for a full 10mins and repeat after me.... I will buy Destiny a Nikon D3X Camera for her birthday....... :)

I do not know how I am going to put my entire tour up on my web site file allocation via my internet provider without paying for more space... I still have to take heaps more images of the other rooms and link them all together but I am sure the file size will be very big... So I was thinking that I might do what kolor have done on their demo page where I put smaller VR up with a few even smaller top or bottom etc... but... I think I read somewhere that kolor have net space for showcasing VRs... I am not sure where their address is or if this would be a provision to do this... I would like to keep my files as large a possible for the wow factor... and keep the full screen button... This is my showcase so I want my movies to look the best I can.... I sure hope ptp can cope with all of the images in one scene... This will be a big test for this software.... and my Mac!



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