starting apg 4.4 beta 1 first time  

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starting apg 4.4 beta 1 first time

by gkaefer » Wed Feb 15, 2017 6:09 pm

starting apg 4.4 beta 1 the first time it gives me a timeout with the question to quit the process or to abort.
see screenshot. both cases ....apg will not be started.

without doing anything different some minutes later starting again succseeds starting apg 4.4b1....

I have 128GB RAM and this phenomenon I had with earlier 4.x versions.

The conclusion with kolor staff finally found was that the 128GB Ram are the "bottleneck" causing the delay.
I had to tweak the settings somehow (I forgot) so apg could massivley start faster again....

Can you remeber what has to be done?

cant this finally be checked by APG automatically (the how much memory is installed) and if some rare 127GB owners are willing to use APG than these settings could be tweaked automatically by APG (are there really so view users with PCs with 128GB RAM out there?)


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