[APG 2.0.0 WinXP32 SP3 GPU German] Various minor bugs/inconsistencies  

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[APG 2.0.0 WinXP32 SP3 GPU German] Various minor bugs/inconsistencies

by bluestar » Wed May 06, 2009 6:33 pm

I am refering to the language set to german:

In the options dialog "Einstellungen"

1.) In the tab "Allgemein" it reads under "Benutzter Speicher": "Niedrig, Normal, Hoch" whereas in the tab "Erkennung" you call similar settings "Niedrig, Standart, Hoch" => inconsistent

2.) In the tab "Erkennung" when klicking on the button to select the project folder and cancel the next screen, you are left with an empty tab. Pressing any key (even the Alt key) restores the content, so I could not take any screenshot 1. => bug

3.) In the tab "Bilder" the first line that is beginning with "Brennweite ..." is cropped. See screenshot 1 => bug

4.) Tab "Optimierung": In the first options box, where you can select the type of optimisation, a lot (not to say all) of the short explanations are cropped. See screenshot 2. => bug
Also I have a nasty scrollbar on the right. Could you please make it away?

5.) Tab "Panorama": Here is some english left: "Preferred Projection" and "Preferred Extend" could be translated with "Projektion" and "Zuschnitt" or something similar. I would omit that "Preferred" or "Initialer" because you don't use these words in the tab "Optimierung" either. Nobody new to the program will know what a "Initialer Ankertyp" is.

6.) Tab "Rendern": If you select your picture to be 100% then the "%" is half cropped. The button [...] in the box for the blending algorithm is not working (at least it does nothing)

Sorry to be so pedantic, but that just cought my eye.


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