APG (Mac) loses temp directory setting  

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APG (Mac) loses temp directory setting

by stadh » Thu Jun 07, 2018 8:02 pm

from time to time, APG loses one of the registered temporary directories. I have two temp directories registered. 1st is on an external drive (Thunderbolt RAID system) and one is local.
When I render a gigapixel panorama, sometimes after a few hours I get the warning from macOS, that local storage is running low. That's the sign that APG must have lost the RAID drive as temp directory. I look it up, and yes, it's gone.

Maybe the setting vanishes when APG is started when the drive is not connected.

But I really don't want to look up the existence of that setting before each panorama rendering.
There must be another solution.

Maybe you could make APG not lose the directory, if the drive is not available, but keep it and set it to inactive? And on next start of APG check, if the drive is available again, and if yes, set it to active again?

As it is now, I'd have to check for the setting each time before I start a rendering process, and if it's gone, I have to recreate it. That's quite annoying and I don't always remember to do it, losing hours and hours of time, when in the middle of a rendering process the warning comes up and I have to kill APG, re-add that setting and re-start the rendering.


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