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APG Keeps Crashing

PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2018 12:56 am
by Od1nscurse
Hello community. I have been a long time user and am using APG 4.4.1. The last time I was using it I had no problems. I just upgraded to a D850 and am shooting with a Nikon 8-15mm lens. For starters the lens profile isn't available.

After shooting a set of test images I bring them into APG and hit detect. The image looks pretty close and I go to edit it. Anything I try from here on out lasts about 10 seconds and then everything freezes. I can X out of the window but if I try to reopen it the computer completely locks and I have to do a Hard Button shut down. I am using a 15" Dell XPS with 32GB of ram.

I would really like to get APG working again soon. Does anyone have any ideas? I have uninstalled and reinstalled it already the same problem.

Re: APG Keeps Crashing

PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2018 1:09 pm
by olivierbo

If the lens profile is not in the database, you can send a log via the dedicated window which opens, and we will add it to the next version.
That being said, I received a request to add a 8-15mm this week (8 15 167 3.6 4.5;Nikon;Nikon 8-15mm fisheye;1) but not sure that the description is correct (no aperture value).

Can you check you have installed the very latest proprietary video driver? Also, any bloatware installed, like Dell Recovery and Backup, you could remove?
Do you have that issue with your D850 pictures only? Are you using RAW, TIFF or JPEG?

Let me know.