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Tilted bracketing layers when stitching

PostPosted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 12:48 am
by stadh
It seems like a bug to me. Or is there a setting that I overlooked?

I shot a spherical panorama with 32 positions and bracketing with 3 exposure variants, resulting in 96 images.
I checked that the bracketing sequences are exactly aligned. Not a pixel difference. Perfectly aligned. See this screencast:
(5.72 MiB) Downloaded 106 times

When importing the images with the VRDrive wizard, I checked that the settings for stacks are set to "Fixed links" (I use the German version, don't know the exact English wording in the GUI. See screenshot to see what I mean).


I did not enable Fusion in the Panorama editor:


Then I rendered with "Antighost" preset and included all layers into the resulting PSB file.


APG created a 4-layer PSB file with 3 layers containing the brackets and a fourth layer containing a fusioned image.
(Question: Why is there a fusioned layer, if I did not enable Fusion? Not an issue for me, but I don't understand this)

That fusioned image contains parts of each layer of course; however, here the layers are slightly shifted, resulting in blurry text for example. See here when I make only the fusioned layer visible:
(6.29 MiB) Downloaded 102 times

I thought that exactly this phenomenon is NOT possible to happen, if I take care that I set the stacks to fixed links.
Am I wrong with this assumption? Or is there a bug in APG?


Re: Tilted bracketing layers when stitching

PostPosted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 8:01 am
by stadh
One more data point, that might be of interest:
The three bracket layers in the PSB do NOT show that blurryness. Only the fourth (fusion) layer does.
However, the single bracketing layers are tilted against each other a bit.

That means to me: It cannot be a stitching issue, as then it would be visible in the single bracketing layers as well, right?
(To support this assumption, I rendered over night a second version of this pano with manually created control points directly on these signs with text, so that stitching *must* be perfect. The result is not any different than before).

But the renderer does not use fixed joints between the layers when stitching each single layer.