SOLVED: No Connection - AutopanoVideoPro to -Giga  

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SOLVED: No Connection - AutopanoVideoPro to -Giga

by StefanieVo » Thu Feb 09, 2017 11:11 am

Dear Kolor-Team,
dear community,

I solved my Problem by doing a right-click on the Pano produced by AutopanoVideo "open with" and instead of "Autopano Giga" there was some photo-programme selected. i changed it and now it works. jippie!

Recently we have installed Autopano Video Pro (2.5.3.) and Autopano Giga (4.2.3) on our PC
(Windows10 Pro, Processor Intel(R) Xenon® CPU E5-1650 v4 @ 3.60GHz, RAM: 32GB Systemtype: 64-Bit, x64Processor)

Now we are facing the following problem:
After having imported our footage via Omni Importer to Autopano Video Pro, we cannot directly switch to Autopano Giga when pressing the "EDIT"-Button.
Instead of Giga, a Photo-Preview opens when pushing the button (no photo shown, just a blank page).
The preview names the photo "A000..00.pano -Fotos". It does not seem like this preview has got anything to do with Autopano Giga to me.

If I open Giga separately it works - but obviously there is no way for me to get the stitched Videodata into Giga.

I already checked:
- Both .exe-Datas are in the same folder
- the updates should be compatible

I'm glad for any help you can offer to me.

Thanks a lot,

Best wishes,


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