generated PSD not fully compatible w/Lightroom  

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generated PSD not fully compatible w/Lightroom

by ArtH » Mon Oct 24, 2016 5:46 pm

My Giga generated .PSD's have never behaved properly in Lightroom. Here is my workflow:

I call Giga from Lightroom via Export (thanks for that capability!) passing it my unjoined panorama images.
From Giga, I render to .PSD to preserve transparency in the area around my stitched image (uncropped).
I bring the .PSD into Lightroom using "folder synchronize".
From Lightroom, I Open the PSD in Photoshop CC.
I add a solid color layer behind the stitched image layer to achieve a colored background other than transparent.
I save that PSD file and return to Lightroom.
The new solid color background does not appear - it is still white.
When Lightroom tries to update the metadata in the PSD file, I get the error:
"Could not write metadata. Unknown file formats. (1)"

My research and testing:
I have verified that, in Photoshop I have "Maximize PSD and PSB File Compatibility" set to "ALWAYS" to assure a flattened version is stored with the image.
When I EXPORT the file from Lightroom, it has the background. The background just does not show in Lightroom.
If I go into Bridge to open the PSD file in photoshop, add the layer and save the PSD, it appears to work correctly, (limited testing) showing the new background in Bridge. Upon import into Lightroom the background also seems to appear.
I have deleted the smart preview.
If in Photoshop I open the giga generated .PSD, then DUPLICATE the single layer found within it into a NEW file, and save that NEW file, Lightroom CAN write the metadata to it, AND Lightroom does display the background layer properly for this entirely new PSD.

The evidence points to some arcane detail in Lightroom, or some minor incompatibility between the format Giga writes and what Lightroom expects, but Google has not been my friend on this puzzle.

Is there any way to make Lightroom cc behave properly with giga PSD files, or am I stuck working around this?

Thanks for your assistance.

PS Thanks for the GREAT product: the ability to render to any size I want, and the increased accuracy of stitching in Giga makes it far more useful to me than Lightroom's built-in pano stitching. Also I'm finding that Giga's dehazing filter works far better than Lightroom's slider. Keep up the great work!

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