Weird blurry patch issue in panos with masking  

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Weird blurry patch issue in panos with masking

by Michael H » Mon Feb 29, 2016 2:24 pm

I am stitching some footage where I manually create a nadir patch (I flip the panorama on the side, render 300dpi photoshop file, cut out the tripod and fix it with clone stamp and export it as a png and tiff to overlay, and then flip the panorama back)
However, I noticed that there was some weird blurry patches in the panorama (and my nadir patch is SMALL so it would never go out that far) afterwards, even though I used masking spots to tell APG that I want this specific area to be shown? Any ideas?


Kolor eyes screenshot
kolor eyes screenshot.PNG

Autopano giga screenshot
giga screenshot.PNG

Aupopano video screenshot
avp screenshot.PNG

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